Conditions of delivery

COVID-19 | During this lockdown, we continue to deliver. Delivery times will not be impacted.

Shipping rates are calculated when your order is finalised according to the weight of your order and your delivery address.

Shipping of orders

Shipping of orders from monday to Wednesday

We ship our orders from Monday to Wednesday in order to ensure a reception the same week as the shipment and to avoid that the plants remain in the warehouse for several days. 

Conditions of delivery

The seeds are shipped by La Poste in followed letter

Plants and Bulbs are shipped by DPD predict.

  • Delivery in 24 to 48 hours
  • Information by SMS from the pick-up to the delivery of the package.
  • Tracking of your package by email
  • On the day of the delivery you receive an SMS indicating a time slot for the delivery
  • In case of absence you can change the time slot or the day of delivery.

All fragile plants for orders over 30 Kg are shipped by Stef in cold transport.

Shipments over 100 kg that do not require refrigeration are sent on pallets by the Jeantet carrier.

Reception of your package

It’s possible that some packages may be damaged on receipt because of transport, do not worry, our after-sales service is there to find a solution.

Option 1: The cardboard of the parcel is damaged but the plants inside are not damaged

Receive your package but make a reservation on the delivery note of the deliveryman, then contact us if the merchandise is too damaged and compromises the recovery of the plants.

Option 2 : The package is completely damaged, the plants are mouldy (strong smell) … 

Do not receive the package, give it to the delivery man mentioning “100% damaged package” then contact us by email with a photo if possible.

For all the problems of delivery, please contact by e-mail:

We will answer as soon as possible to find a solution with you. When contacting our service please give us your order number and provide us with pictures if possible. 

Our transport companies

We send our seed packets in a letter followed by La Poste.

Orders are sent through La Poste’s subsidiary DPD network.

Refrigerated plants are sent with our refrigerated transporter. Only for shipments of more than 30 kg.

Shipments weighing more than 100 kg are sent on pallets with the Jeantet carrier.